What is Sabotage Tlacatlaolli Variable?

An alternate reality game about a support network.

Who do I play as?

As someone in relation to the support network. You can play in one of 3 classes: Sabotage (Operations), Tlacatlaolli (Labor) and Variable (Money). What will be your field of work Regardless of anything, you can't choose but resist to exist.

What does Sabotage do?

They adhere to revolution. Their target is to manufacture chaos against colonization and the powers that be. Their agenda is dictated by the CPU (CyberPunk Unit). They don't have much, but they are the closer we have to soldiers and spies. To become a member you gotta be reliable and prove you are ready. Get a number in the Job Allocation Fix.

What does Tlacatlaolli do?

They are the workers of the Variable Network State. They give all they have and they charge almost nothing in return. There is no corn without tlacatlaolli. No new world without sacrifice. Nothing changes if nothing changes. They believe in facilitating the material conditions of the new world. That is what they do everyday. This is their battle. Currently you can get a job as a news reporter, or in a propaganda agency.

What does Variable do?

Sometimes whatever you have can make a difference. Everything counts in large amounts.

We might not have energy for alternative projects. Or even time to read revolutionary pamphlets. But when it comes to money, that is somewhere you can -please- put change to work! Talk to a personal banker at Spacebank on how to invest on the BSX.